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Best Omega Cold Press Juicers Ranges

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All In One Cold Press Juicer 

Omega cold press juicer

Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass has high nutrients & antioxidants Wheatgrass contains enzymes that help your body to break down food and absorb nutrients, which may aid in good digestion. 

Omega cold press juicer

Celery Juice

Anthony William, Medical Medium has recommended Omega as the best celery juicer. Omega juicers have been designed to extract the most celery juice from your celery. 

Omega cold press juicer

Fruits & Vegetables Juice

Drink your Nutrients- Cold press juicing is one of the most effective ways to easily access nutritious enzymes and antioxidants that boost immunity and enhance overall health.

Omega cold press juicer


Make Perfect Smoothie with omega juicer. Omega blend the fruits to smooth and with cold press technology, give you maximum nutriention.

Omega cold press juicer

Nut Butters

Enjoy fresh homemade peanut butter using your Omega Juicer. Get Attachments for Extract Nut Butter with juicer without any extra cost.

Omega cold press juicer

Nut & Soya Milks

Homemade Nut & Soya milk are similar to regular milk in its nutrient content, as they both contain calcium, protein, and vitamin D.

Omega cold press juicer

Frozen Desserts

Make a guilt-free dessert – Popsicles would make a great summer treat! Vitamin-E enriched frozen nutritional dessert – called Nutrice – from vegetarian sources.

Omega cold press juicer

Extrude Pasta

Can make Homemade Extrude pasta & Noodles. Home made spaghetti, linguini or breadsticks can be extruded in just minutes with the included pasta nozzles.

Omega cold press juicer

Mince Herbs & Garlic

Homemade salsa just the way you like it! omega juicers can made homemade salsa just in a min. omega juicers also extract the celery juice

Omega cold press juicer

Orange Dreamsicle Sorbet

Why wait for summers to enjoy tasty fruit sorbets? Make sorbet anytime at home with your favorite frozen fruits like oranges, berries, bananas, pineapples or mangoes.

Omega cold press juicer

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk has recently become very popular. The thick  consistency and a rich, creamy texture. Creamy, Rich & Delicious Homemade Coconut Milk with omega.

Omega cold press juicer

Baby Food

Feed your baby organic or all-natural food using a omega juicer to make homemade baby food. It will give the nutrients you need and it literally takes minutes to make. 

Why You Should Choose Omega Cold Press Juicer?

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The Omega Advantages

Omega is  the best cold press juicer. Omega is perfect for juicing fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, celery, nuts and many more. Cold press juicing is one of the most effective ways to easily access nutritious enzymes and antioxidants that boost immunity and enhance overall health. Low speed operation minimizes contact with excess air to boost the health value of your juice, and the high power delivers a greater juice output. Omega Juicer is a all rounder multipurpose juicer. Omega cold press juicers uses a method that does not involve high heat and therefore preserves the nutrients and vitamins of the ingredients. Omega is the leader in professional juicers for your home or business. Our passion is in creating the best juicers on the market, with a key focus on healthy lifestyles and extracting the most nutrients. Our products are powerful and made to perform, built for lasting durability and performance with an industry leading warranty.

Reviews and Ratings

Best juicer amongst all... I have been using this product since Last 3 Years....and all the fruits and green leafy vegetable's juice comes out so well. The juicer is amazing..and its a must have for your kitchen...u won't regret purchasing it...omega juicer company rocks...!!!!

Apeksha, Happy customer

This is my first juicer. I wanted a masticating juicer since I wanted to juice green stuff. It extracts alot of juice, it's really effective and quiet. I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.

Anamika, Happy customer

If you consume a wide variety of juices and want to experiment with new and interesting flavor combinations, this is the juicer for you.


"After using almost every brand of juicers, Omega is my favorite and has been part of my daily routine for years. I’ve recommended them to thousands of people in my community who all love them, too!

Tess Masters, The Blender Girl

Omega Vert proved efficient and powerful, chewing through every kale leaf and apple chunk we fed it

Men's Journal, Gear of the Year