Omega Cold Press Juicer – Make it Healthier

What is a Cold Press Juicer ?

Cold Press Technology is a hydraulic press which uses pressure to separate the fibre, vitamins, nutrient parts of fruits, vegetables, Leaf, seeds, nuts Like Almonds, Cashew, coconut etc, from a plant’s juice or oil. The Cold press processing reduces exposure to heat and oxygen during the production process, permitting high levels of taste and nutrient retention and this makes it different from other traditional techniques. The Cold Press juicers extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don’t produce as much heat, it keep more of the fresh ingredients, Fibre and nutrients intact.

Why Omega Juicer ?

There are a lots of brands in the market who claims to be the best cold press juicers. But just naming a juicer “cold press” doesn’t allow it to work like one. You need to analyze and study about the product first if you want to buy a real cold press juicer.


Let’s Know about Omega Cold Press Juicer –

In 2005, Omega introduces the low speed juicer which effectively slows down the oxidation process. Freshly squeeze juice can be stored up to 72 hours. In 2014, Omega takes juicing and the preservation of rich nutrition and natural taste to a new level with vertical low speed juicers that operate at 43RPMS. A smoother, richer tasting juice. Omega is a world-leading juicer brand with distribution in over 120 countries. We are the Official Brand Partners in India – effectively spread the word about health & wellness and our Omega products. Omega’s Head Office is in Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi.

What Makes Omega Different?

1. Cold Pressed Technology – In Omega Juicer, we use Cold Pressed method that does not involve high heat and therefore preserves the nutrients and vitamins of the ingredients. Omega Juicer Extract 99.9% fiber, nutrients, vitamins in your juice which any other juicing technology will not give.
2. All in One Juicers – Omega is not just simply a juicer but it can do much more than a juicer. You can make Fruit juice, vegetable juice, celery, spinach, kale, wheatgrass (Leafy) juice, Nuts (Almond, Cashew, Coconut) Milk, Nut Butter, Baby Food, Smoothies, Sorbet, Frozen ice cream, and can grind small species and roast coffee beans. Omega juicer is known for its such an incredible features.
3 Layer Squeezing Technology – Omega juicer uses the latest 3 Layer Squeezing Technology which helps in yield maximum juice from your product. It extracts 99% juice from it and leave very dry pulp behind.
4. Slow Speed Juicer – Omega cold press juicer is a slow speed juicer which prevent juice from heat up and oxidation. juice extracted with omega juicer can be store and refrigerate upto 72 hours and it will remain fresh even after 72 hours.
5. Horizontal Design make it simple – Omega juicers horizontal design make it super elegant, unique and super duper easy to clean and use. You donot need to get into hassle to clean it, even a kid can use and clean it. It also prevent your juicer motor from early damages and keep your juicer away from leakage problems.
6. Warranty – Omega Juicer gives 15 years warranty on juicer motor. Any other juicer brand will not give you this much of warranty and our 24X7 Customer support is always there for you. Every customer is a premium customer for us.

Omega juicer known for Making Best Leafy Juices :-

Anthony William, Medical Medium has recommended Omega as the best celery juicer. Omega juicers have been designed to extract the most celery juice from your celery. That’s why we are the medical medium juicer for Anthony William. Our juicer leaves the celery pulp dry, giving you the most celery juice possible with every use.